Our Services

Cool & Freezer Rooms

Tempright Refrigeration Services specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing cool & freezer rooms to safeguard your products by controlling temperature and humidity. We provide temperature precision, energy efficiency, compliance with safety regulations, and environmental responsibility to ensure product quality and safety.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Dry compressed air is crucial in industries. Refrigerated air dryers prevent moisture and ensure efficient air systems. Tempright Refrigeration Services installs, maintains, and repairs refrigerated air dryers to maintain air quality standards and prevent downtime.

Glycol Chillers

Glycol chillers ensure efficient cooling and temperature control for critical systems in various industries. Tempright excels in their installation and maintenance, keeping businesses cool, reliable, and productive. Commercial refrigeration provides temperature precision, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Tempright also excels in installation, maintenance, and repairs of these systems.

Water Chillers

Inconsistent temperatures can cause costly consequences like equipment malfunctions, production disruptions, and quality issues. Trust Tempright Refrigeration for Water Chiller installation, maintenance and repair. Our goal is to help you maintain temperature control standards and avoid equipment damage while keeping your processes running smoothly.

Ice Machines

TempRight is dedicated to providing impeccable ice production services that go above and beyond in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Our exceptional services not only result in superior quality ice but also reduce wastage, ensuring your business is always operating efficiently. Trust TempRight for all your ice production needs.

Beer Systems

At Tempright, we are incredibly passionate about providing precise and reliable installation services, expert maintenance and repairs, and prompt and exceptional customer service, all in pursuit of the ultimate beer service experience. Trust us to elevate your beer game to the next level and ensure that your beer is poured to perfection every single time.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is of utmost importance in a multitude of industries, playing a crucial role in preserving product quality and ensuring safety. Trust Tempright Refrigeration Services for exceptional installations, maintenance, and repair services which guarantee high productivity and reliability for your business operations.